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How Automated Inventory Management Can Help Your Business

Small business growth is driven by close client relationships. There is no getting around the importance of repeat customer business, especially in the early days of your small business’ operations. But maintaining these relationships takes more than an approachable personality and a good product that consumers want to buy into. Creating the capacity to hold onto these long lasting relationships requires strong inventory management practices and, more generally, backend management.

The truth is that early and successful business relationships are built on the simplest of elements. When it comes down to it, you must offer a superior service at a great price. This is easy, right?

With high quality management practices, keeping your business afloat while working tirelessly to expand your market presence is a breeze, but developing these systems of control is easier said than done. Thankfully, inventory management and data solutions make for a far easier road.

What is automated inventory management?


Automated inventory management, like the package offered by industry leader EigenRun, is a system-wide solution that helps you keep track of your warehouse inventory, along with providing many other benefits. Most importantly, inventory management is essential to creating the free head space for your employees so that they can focus on client acquisition, advertising, and direct sales. These other avenues of business expansion rely on software packages like the EigenRun suite of automation. This simple installation helps to reduce the mental capacity that each of your employees will need to dedicate to inventory management. Business flows in cycles, and sales, advertising, and accounting all follow one another. By taking the physical count and collation of stock across various sales floors off of your regular to do list you can really dig into these growth and expansion tasks to create explosive profitability in far less time.

Inventory management tasks can be exhausting, especially if you are selling on a number of different channels at the same time. Most businesses these days bring in sales from a multi-stream project with orders coming in from eBay, Amazon, your own homepage, and perhaps many others all around the clock.

With an inventory management suite that automated your calculations and ordering needs you won’t have to worry about keeping up with your various selling spaces manually any longer. An item that goes out of stock with a sale on Amazon at 3am will automatically trigger a change to the quantity available throughout your other sales platforms and create a ticket for you to handle when you get up for a new day of work in the morning.

Pair it with hardware and connectivity solutions for a perfect match.


Business booms when you and your team are given the tools to create success. Automated inventory management is one such tool, but so is the new wave of cloud storage device options and DropBox usage, shared hard drive installation, and even the personal cloud and cloud computing for business.

The world of digital marketing and secure storage has grown from a single, mobile WD hard drive that connects through a USB port. We now carry smartphones that are capable of powerful encryption and cloud storage service access with a single touch. Business—in all sectors—expands when it takes these innovations onboard and uses their advantages to continually move the ball forward. With the implementation of cloud storage or a dedicated office hard drive that lives on your office network (for easy employee access and disk space) in line with the introduction of automation processes that will streamline your management more generally.

Utilize an automation service like the Eigen system for your small business in order to find an equilibrium in your processes and focus on the things that will drive long term growth.